About Us

HydraGaming PCs

Based on the mid north coast in Coffs Harbour NSW we are a business dedicated to bringing customers quality computers and cooling solutions. 

We design, build and test every computer in our store so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you paid for without any nasty surprises. 

" Silence is Cool "

Featuring cooling solutions that offer the perfect balance between cooling performance and remaining virtually inaudible, HydraGaming PCs are the answer to quiet computing without sacrificing performance or durability.

Our 100% Fan-Less models do not contain any fans and use passive cooling techniques to bring their noise level down to an unbeatable 0db ie. complete silence. For safety we hand pick processors with high performance and a low tdp rating (thermal design power - the maximum amount of heat a chip produces). 

Backed by our full support

Every product we produce is 100% backed by us. From the moment you receive your order until the day it comes to the end of its natural working life we will provide the support you need.

About Our Name



The Hydra was a mythical Greek water serpent. It's association with water earns it a place in our business name as we use liquid cooling to chill the hottest of pcs. Later variations of the Hydra included numerous regenerating heads which also reflect the multiple areas of a pc that we can cool at the same time. 

Interesting fact: Hydra is also one of Pluto's icy moons and one of the longest constellations in the night sky.



Our gaming rigs are of the highest quality and deserve to be embedded in our name. They are built to provide you, our valued customer, with a gaming machine that handles the games you play, stores all your games and allows you to hear them in more detail. 



The Home/Office PCs we design and build allow you to complete your work easily, safely store your work and be reliable without compromise. 

Now that you know a little more about us at HydraGaming PCs in Coffs Harbour, it should be clearer how we got our name and why we strive to uphold our motto " Silently Cool ".