Shipping Information


Where do we ship?

HydraGaming PCs provides shipping in Coffs Harbour and surrounding towns and now we ship Australia wide. We ship to verified PayPal addresses only! In our field, we believe we are the best at shipping computers in Coffs Harbour and across this beautiful nation of ours. We package everything properly inside and out to make sure no mishaps can happen during transport. We do not ship to PO Boxes and we do not trade or ship overseas. If you have any other questions regarding shipping please use the contact section at the bottom of the page.

My purchase is on backorder when will it be sent?

If your purchase is on back order this means that we do not currently have that item/s in stock. We generally get the parts within a week and then we prioritize back orders to be built and tested as soon as possible (this can take up to 2 days). We make sure that you are informed via your provided email address of the progress as soon as it becomes available to us. Once we have completed testing we ship your parcel to you via express post.

How will my parcel/s be packaged?

We thoroughly package your items within boxes with foam and bubble-wrap. We also add anti-static packing material that is safe for the inside of your computer system to prevent coolers and graphics cards from becoming loose or damaged in transit. We clearly label the power button on your computer case with a warning to remove the internal packaging before use. Not doing so can cause personal harm, a fire hazard and/or destruction of your computer. The price of this packaging is included in the postage price.

My order arrived damaged or something is missing what do I do?

As a trustworthy business, HydraGaming PCs will look after you. We vigorously check and double check everything associated with your order before it leaves our hands. If anything unexpected does happen the first thing to do is contact us. We will respond within 24hours. Once we know what has happened we will work with you and get you up and running as soon as possible.

Will multiple items be shipped together?

Yes! If you purchase multiple items in the one order, they will be shipped together. If an item is on back order, we will usually send it with the rest of your order, unless there is going to be a lengthy delay. In that situation we will ship as separate parcels. Your postage price covers all unforeseen situations.

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